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With her passion for music and the 1’s & 2’s, there’s no wonder that DJ D brings many years of Radio experience to the table.

In 2008 DJ D founded Mixxbosses Australia, a crew of DJs & MCs working towards keeping the art of turntablism alive. Mixxbosses DE (Germany) was founded in 2011, with Mixxbosses NZ (New Zealand), Mixxbosses MZ (Malaysia) & Mixxbosses UK (United Kingdom) founded in 2012.
To support this movement, Mixxbosses Radio Australia was relaunched in 2009, reminiscent of her 2001 online radio show 1200 Degrees.
Mixxbosses Radio Worldwide now streams 24-7, 7 days a week. Click 'play' on the boombox above to listen in.

About DJ D Radio

Wednesdays 7pm AEST

Tuesdays & Thursdays 2pm AEST

Fridays 7pm EST

Wednesdays 7pm, Thursdays 5am & 12pm AEST


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