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Recognised worldwide as Australia’s premiere female Turntablist, DJ D is a true veteran to the art of DJing and turntablism. With her reputable career as a DJ/Turntablist since 1998, DJ D played her first gig in 1988. Her list of titles and achievements seem never ending.

Nationally DJ D placed 8th in Australia in the Technics DMC Championships in 2005, and 3rd in the NSW heats in 2015 as the only female competitor. In most cases DJ D has been the first female DJ to perform in that space and she continues to perform regularly on the local, national, and international circuits.

Internationally, DJ D toured the Middle East in 2004 & 2012, the Czech Republic in 2006 & 2007, Malaysia in 2008 & 2009 respectively. Other international gig offers have included Sultanate of Oman, Dubai, Scotland, Greece, Detroit, Germany, Austria, Texas, Houston, London, UK (various), New Zealand, Toronto, Malaysia, Croatia, Hollywood, Phillippines, Mauritius, Japan, Africa, Kalimantan, Jakarta, Balikpapen, Samarinda, India, Prague, Bratislava, Los Angeles, USA (various), China, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka and many more.

DJ D has also supported a number of international artists here in Australia. Support and after parties have included Eminem’s Green Lantern 2003, Bel Biv Devoes Ricky Bell 2003, Naughty by Nature 2003 and 2007, KCI & JoJos Jodeci tour 2005, Montell Jordan 2005 and 2006, Afrika Islam 2005, Savage 2006, Horace Brown 2006, Snoop Dogg & Dr Dre's DJ Jam 2008, Tank 2009, Tila Tequila 2009, DJ Rectangle 2010, Lupe FIasco 2010, Blackstreet 2015, 112 2015. DJ D was also the official mixtape DJ for KCI & JoJo's Jodeci tour 2004,  Montell Jordans This is how we do it tour 2005, Middle East tour 2004-2005, Prague tour 2007, Malaysia tour 2008-2009, & Blackstreet tour 2015. Other mixtapes include Indie Street Heat 2013 in collaboration with Ghetto Fabulous Magazine USA, plus 59minutes of funk series with DJ Liche for Wall to Wall Records.

DJ D has played regularly in most major cities in Australia including Sydney, Canberra, Darwin, Wollongong, Newcastle, Bowral, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth and Dubbo. Additional bookings and offers have come from Cairns, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Albury, Terrigal, and more.

In 2008 DJ D founded Mixxbosses Australia, a crew of DJs & MCs working towards keeping the art of turntablism alive. Mixxbosses DE (Germany) & Mixxbosses NZ (New Zealand) was founded in 2011, with Mixxbosses MZ (Malaysia) & Mixxbosses UK (United Kingdom) & Mixxbosses PH (Phillippines) on the way.

To support this movement, Mixxbosses Radio Australia was relaunched in 2009, reminiscent of her 2001 online radio show 1200 Degrees. Tune in online at  Mixxbosses Radio Australia streams LIVE online worldwide on Wednesday nights 7-9pm AEST on Currently DJ D is part of the programming committee at Radio2RDJ, and also holds the official title of Production Coordinator.

DJ D is also affiliated with other Mixxbosses Radio shows including DJ Liche’s Soul D’lite, DJ Nasser T’s Mint Condition Radio, DJ Slick’s Mixx City Radio, & Peter Gee’s the G Show on the same network, as well as Mixxbosses DE Street Vibes broadcasting in Germany. DJ D Radio, DJ D TV, & Mixxbosses Radio Online will also be launched in 2012.

DJ D has also been known for her roles as tv host, vocalist, producer, sound engineer, teacher, workplace trainer, tutor, graphic designer, web developer, and events coordinator. With a strong background in design and education, DJ D has translated these skills and knowledge into the world of turntablism by training and guiding a number of up and coming DJs into successful careers.

In further aim of giving something back to the scene, DJ D conducts interview with upcoming and established artists and DJs, providing a platform to showcase their skills. You can tune in to

Today DJ D is still respected not only for her track selection but also for her skills on the 1s and 2s. Even well after a decade, DJ D remains at the forefront of her scene being remembered as one of the first females to cut it up with the big guns of this industry. Official sponsors include Chica Jeans, Mint Condition Records, Mista Tee, Ghetto Fabulous Magazine (USA), Loyalty IV Life & Luxe Hair Salon.




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